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Tampa Federal Credit Union

Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union has been serving the Tampa Bay Community since 1935.

Voices for Children

The children of Hillsborough County and VFC need your help. Can you imagine being taken from your home, separated from your family, and placed in a stranger’s care? Or not know if you will see a familiar face again and wondering what you did wrong? If you answered, “Yes, I can!” then you understand the essential need for GAL volunteers. Children who have been abused or neglected often want someone to talk to, someone who listens to them, and they clearly need someone who will SPEAK on their behalf. These children can not be left on their own as they try to navigate an over-burdened court system that is well meaning and which tries to protect them, but which often falls short.

Givens Givens Sparks

Givens Givens Sparks is a team of Tampa divorce, family law, and personal injury lawyers with more than 135 years of experience.